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Novelty Cakes and Birthday Cake Shop in Basildon Essex

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How to Order
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Because I work alone, time is at a premium. 95% of my customers have had cakes from me before and are happy to place an order by phone, I don't usually make appointments for celebration cakes, if I did the cakes would be a lot more expensive.
If you want to order a cake, give me a ring or text me, you may have to leave a message if I am working but I will get back to you. I can offer advice and guidance about size etc and give you ideas for a very unique cake.
I only need about a weeks notice but I can do cakes in a hurry if you are desperate.
If you don't see anything that takes your fancy, pop into the shop, which is open 7 days a week, I may not be there but you can have a good look through the books and take your time.
I do not require a deposit on most cakes, payment is on pick up or delivery.
You can leave me an enquiry at the shop (there is a post box on the wall.
If you want to send me a picture of a cake or would rather use email, give me a ring and I will give you my email address

I can no longer take orders by email
Please Phone 01268  460989
7 days a week

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