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Novelty Cakes and Birthday Cake Shop in Basildon Essex

Designing a novelty cake

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Designing a novelty cake
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To make a truly unique and memorable cake, there are several things you need to consider.

To make the cake a true reflection of personality, I need as much information as possible. For instance:

For Girls/ Women

Is she a girly girl?

What are her hobbies? Music, make-up, horses etc

Does she have a special toy? Teddy, bunny etc

or mobile phone, ipod etc

What are her favourite clothes (for models)

Favourite colours? The more information I have the easier it is to reflect her personality

For Boys/Men

Favourite football team?

Favourite singer/band etc

Clothes etc

Get the idea?

Think about these things, you'll be surprised how many things make up their unique personality.

More thought = special cake

and just think. YOU will get all the credit!!!


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